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Better Care for Your Mental Health

Mental Healthcare is not a one size fits all model. What makes a difference is personalized, compassionate care, that has been proven by research to really work.

That’s why over a decade ago, The Well Mind Institute began offering its unique vision for treatment to adults struggling with mental health issues. Our telehealth practice is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for each individual’s needs, using treatment informed by positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Our mission to advance the delivery of mental health care through education, research, and technology exists, because we believe everyone deserves to thrive.




Training for Psychologists


Developing New Treatment




Evidence Based Therapies


What people are saying…

“I’m learning how to live the life I want and it spills over to feeling better daily.”

– Steven, Atlanta, GA 

“I’ve learned a variety of tools to help me create a better life NOW. It is truly life changing.”

– Linda G, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m so busy creating my life, I don’t have time to be depressed.”

Bill, Santa Monica, CA

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