New Client Consultation

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New Client Consultation

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Therapy is not one size fits all. For the work to be successful there needs to be a good fit between the client and the provider. The best way to find a care provider who can address you specific needs is to have an initial consultation session where you can talk bout your concerns and the psychologist can evaluate whether they have the training and skills to help with your specific issue.

The providers at our clinic have doctorate degrees in clinical or counseling psychology and are under the supervision of licensed psychologists.

If you would like to work with us, please click on the scheduling button at the bottom of this page and schedule a consultation time. All consultations and sessions are conducted online using VSEE a HIPPA compliant video platform. 

There is no cost for the first 15-minute consultation.

We are a non-profit organziation whose proceeds are donated for research, educational stipends, and income based treatment scholarships, but as our services are delivered by highly trained professionals we charge for treatment. We do not accept health insuance as direct payment, but if you have out of network coverage for behavioral health, we can submit your claim for you or provide a statement for insurance reimbursement if you’d like to submit the claim yourself. 

Income-based scholarships are available for low-cost therapy.


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